BMW April 2022

Another year and as expected another brand-new set of features being released into the market by Dr Smash Software. However, this year is different. This year Dr Smash is excited about its new features. With all of the time that it will save their users, they have called a User Group Meeting to ensure that everyone can be made to benefit. Automotive Refinisher sat down and had a chat with them ahead of their User Group meeting, to get the scoop about what is so special about this next release and just what had the Dr Smash team buzzing about how the market would react.

Michael Boorman, Dr Smash’s lead developer, said, “This new release has something that, to my knowledge, no one in the industry has been able to get to work. This will change the way that panel beaters work and get information from Audatex. Gone are the days where the best we could get was a quote imported from a PDF with the hope that nothing was missed or wrong.”

Dr Smash is now pulling all the information directly from Audatex, keeping Dr Smash right up-to-date as soon as a change occurs on Audatex at just the click of a button. This means no longer having to manually check for status changes, new authorisations, price differences or even bringing in new quotes. Dr Smash does this all for you and notifies you when an update has occurred.

We were told that this was only one of four new projects that are in this release, not to mention the multitude of new reports and expansions on features that are already in the package. When pressed for information about the other projects, Michael let it slip that submitting to AutoMatrix through excel spreadsheets is a thing of the past in the new version and that collision repairers could look forward to this process being completely automated.

Dr Smash took us for a tour of their development department where they were feverishly working on three new Android packages. One of which would allow their Panel Beaters to quote while on the road, take photos, videos and even do security checklists and sync everything back to the office while still being mobile. This would also allow for the requesting of extras and moving cars through the various department all from the palm of your hand. I would like to add that one of the apps they showed me could, potentially, revolutionise a key market that the motor industry works with every day.

Dr Smash has always had a paint import section, and this has now been expanded. It features a number of companies that they are integrated with, which now includes, BASF, R-M, Glasurit, Axalta – Spies Hecker, Standox and Cromax – plus PPG.

The User Group meeting will be held on the 10th of June 2021 at 3pm at the Royal Natal Yacht Club in Durban, KZN. Call them to RSVP on +27 (0)31 700 6498 or email Remember that numbers are limited to 50 people onsite, there will also be an online option.