The De Lange father and son team have made it all the way from working out of their home doing only two cars a year, to now running their state-of-the-art body shop in Koedoespoort Industrial, Pretoria.

DNA Autobody have specialised in the production of show cars as a vintage muscle customer refurbishing base. They have steered away from too much insurance work and with just eight employees deliver a mind-boggling quality in their restorations of Chev Corvettes, Ford Mustangs and other American classic vintage/collectible cars that keep their enthusiastic owners knocking on their body shop doors. The exceptional and neat operation features a mix of 80% of major rebuilds to just 20% of minor cosmetic repairs on the workshop floor.


Antonio Bianchina from Autocity SA in Pretoria, who are the agents for Octoral in Pretoria, has been a dedicated help for specialist colour sourcing to reproduce the original shades. Valspar have an amazingly accurate colour retrieval system as well as the combination of fast high-build primers that deliver super luxurious clear coat finishes that hold up amazingly on the overall look of the refinish work to hand. The body shop was only opened two years ago and has been extensively refurbished with the newest spray booths, compressors and a paint mixing room.  

“We have,” says Danie, “a host of specialised equipment as we are a fully approved major repairer. The entire team are dedicated to produce amazing overall quality.” As a trained panelbeater, Danie completes many of the tough tasks himself as he works on these priceless vintage rebuilds which demands great training and dedication as spares are often scarce or hugely expensive to replace. So, it’s quality all the way on the body repair and final finish section. 


They have based their paint refinish needs firmly with Octoral. At Octoral they have had a number of great special effect finishes that deliver eye-catching candy apple in a three-step easy-to-use manner. The deep wet look shades have helped them at DNA Autobody to win many Concours déElegance competitions across the country. “With the help of the Octoral basecoats and ultra-fine mixing package, we were able to achieve many amazing show quality winners,” says Danie.

“We’re also proud to be able to keep clients up to date with the progress of their rebuilds. This, coupled to our drive to deliver excellent workmanship on the entire repair work undertaken, keeps DNA Autobody’s repair shop fully booked up,” said Danie who is very upbeat about the company’s progress, “We’re on top of our game right now, delivering quality repairs that few can match in this business,” he concluded proudly.