BMW April 2022

Octoral is always looking ahead to help you meet every emerging challenge in refinishing. As vehicle manufacturers develop complex new finishes, they respond rapidly with innovative solutions that ensure you have the system to precisely match and deliver great finishes the first time around. 

Critical colour match 

Octoral believe that colour matching should be simple and exceptionally accurate. This philosophy gives them a unique understanding of the subtle differences that visionary professionals appreciate. Translucent Maroon toner they designed to match a variety of challenging finishes that are particularly translucent and high in chroma. As forward-thinkers, we designed a new toner that can match complex candy and deep red finishes that are now being used by vehicle manufacturers.  

Challenging OEM finishes 

The Translucent Maroon toner can be used with any other red toner, including metallics, to achieve significant depth of colour. It was formulated to address the following OEM finishes: 

  • Mazda 46V Soul Red Crystal
  • Toyota 3T5 Infrared Pearl
  • Toyota 3T3 Red Pearl
  • Honda R556P Iconic Red Pearl
  • Mitsubishi P62 Red Metallic

The Translucent Maroon can be used on other vehicle manufacturer cars that are candy red in colour. 

Process Innovation – unlock striking natural clarity and exceptional colour accuracy 

The Translucent Maroon toner is easy to use, with a straightforward four stage process to achieve a premium finish, without the need to use an additional tinted clear. Simply apply the translucent mid tone after the base coat has dried to guarantee incredible colour depth, with only a single clear coat needed. 

Four straightforward stages 

Octobase Eco Plus 

  1. Undercoat
  2. Base coat
  3. Translucent mid coat
  4. Clear

Proven partnerships 

Octoral take great pride in building their relationships with customers into partnerships that work towards a shared vision. In fact, they often listen to and work with their customers to develop new products, such as their Translucent Maroon. They strive to bring technology, innovation, and progress to our customers, assisting them to maximise efficiency while minimising environmental impact. Octoral support ambitious businesses by bringing them their world-leading expertise, global strength, and comprehensive customer support. 

Businesses around the world trust Octoral to help shape their future success – join them today.