BMW April 2022

The DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun is the latest addition to the DV1 family of revolutionary spray guns designed for specific applications. The DV1 Clearcoat features an innovative air and fluid management system optimized

for superior clearcoat atomisation. This gun provides a consistent, homogeneous spray pattern that lays the clearcoat flat for a flawless finish.

The DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun is designed specifically to provide consistency and optimisation in spraying the range of industry-leading clearcoats. From high-solid clears, low-to-medium-solid clears or low VOC (solvent exempt) clears, the DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun pushes atomisation to the next level. Through faster performance, proven material savings and superior atomisation, the DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun gives sprayers the confidence to know that they can achieve a high-quality, perfect finish every time.

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