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Tarek Husain, international marketing manager for the  DeVilbiss eastern Middle East and African markets (EMEA), recently spoke to Automotive Refinisher about the company’s unequalled success in automotive refinishing markets across the world.

Tarek said that in the last few years at their Bournemouth manufacturing site they had invested heavily on research for their brands such as DeVilbiss and Ransburg. On the back of this they are now manufacturing and employing distribution across many important markets such as South Africa, which remains a key market.

The latest Pro Lite has enjoyed great sales because the gun is state-of-the-art and holds up in the workshop day in and day out. It is this type of everyday reliability that repair centres are looking for on both waterborne and solvent borne refinish repair systems in automotive applications.

To keep pace with the large market of quality entry level and hobbyists, DeVilbiss  recently made available a special, all-purpose Startingline value kit. This unique offer comes with both HVLP nozzles of 1,3 and also another heavy duty 1,8 nozzle for primer applications.

The kit contains another small area repair spraygun for spot repair areas which are becoming a much larger type of body repair in this evolving market.

On the health and safety front DeVilbiss recently launched an all-new ProVisor protection system for spray painters. “It’s a full-face type that employs new air dispersion allowing a more gentle air flow around the operator’s hand.

The lightweight unit also employs positive pressure to eliminate any misting or clouding up while in use so that a spraypainter is always able to gain optimum levels of visual performance.  With the improved larger visor in place there is improved peripheral vision which has been built in, along with a removable peak to remove glare in some difficult lighting conditions,” said Husain.

DeVibliss was founded in 1888 when Toledo Ohio physician Dr Allen DeVilbiss combined a bulb, some tubing, and the base of an oil can to create the first atomiser for health care.

In 1907, Thomas DeVilbiss, an inventor in his own right, experimented with adapting the original atomiser to create a spray gun to meet the challenges of spray finishing.

Mass production was beginning to evolve at this time and Thomas DeVilbiss’ spray gun technology proved to be a revolutionary addition to the paint and lacquer coating applications on the furniture and automotive finishing assembly line. Spraying the lacquer reduced drying time to hours instead of weeks and the spraying of paint replaced hand brushing, helping to create new jobs and increase productivity in manufacturing.

Since then, DeVilbiss has maintained its commitment to innovative technology. DeVilbiss’ team of engineers used the same design and used it to develop NASCAR combustion systems – along with NASA combustion systems – for the space shuttle.

Combined with their state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery, they continue to develop the most advanced spray guns the market has seen.

DeVilbiss products are used with unequalled success in the automotive refinishing market. DeVilbiss equipment provides excellent atomisation of high-solid clears that leads to glass-like finishes.

DeVilbiss equipment is optimised to virtually eliminate mottling and stripping with metallic base coats and produce an excellent colour match. To this day, DeVilbiss continues to set the standard for spray finishing through its research and development, innovative product line, and commitment to customer service.