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Desert Charm, who operate out of Main Road in Strand have pioneered a way foward with the Egyptian world brand of Kapci for over seven years in the Cape Town market.

Company owner Gizéla Möller has been very active in her area by continuing to concentrate on helping the vast army of uninsured drivers that need repairs to their damaged vehicles. One thing that’s always remained strong has also been the hectic levels of aftermarket activity where specialised small colour mixing is concerned. “This activity sees us being kept busy everyday,” Gizéla said.  “Granville Williams, a specialist colour matcher is my colour technician and he uses the Kapci mixing system which proves to be very accurate with many coded metallic special colours.”

Gizéla moved to increase her industrial paint supplies and this has given added overall business benefits.

“Desert Charm,” she says, “tries to offer a one-stop-shop experience for clients with a full range of sundry products on hand by stocking Upol and Ampol brands. What has helped over the years has been the very good Kapci performance with greatly improved refinish systems and customers like the brand’s performance and consistency. With things like new primers and clearcoats, we are doing very well.”

Gizéla has around two decades of body shop supply experience and she is upbeat about the business but says it’s an operation that requires no weakness in resolve and also a huge level of commitment to win deals everyday.

You can call Gizéla at her Strand shop on 081 259 9540 or 082 550 8266 to experience her personal and dedicated customer touch for every colour problem, for brilliant service or to place your orders.