DeBeer Refinish has expanded its colour mixing systems with the launch of Metallic Bright Red with candy effect for WaterBase Series 900+ and BeroBase Series 500. Bright red cars with a candy effect finish can now be easily repaired to the highest standard.

Until now, no system in the entire market has been able to easily repair bright red effect colours. It’s been said that refinishers would rather see cars with a candy effect finish drive straight past their body shop! Now, thanks to the innovation of their colour mixing laboratory, DeBeer Refinish has made it possible for every car refinisher to easily repair this challenging car colour category to the highest standard.

Using a simple 3-layer system, paint technicians can achieve the finest results: a deep, metallic bright red colour that is unmottled and completely matches the car’s original colour.

Multi-layered effect applied in three simple steps

The first layer is a coloured effect metallic undercoat that instantly provides the desired effect in a red that matches the car’s original colour. The next layer is an easy to apply, slightly tinted, transparent basecoat that provides extra depth and colour precision. The finishing layer is a 100% transparent clear coat, which ensures a glossy result with long-term protection.

This method is so groundbreaking that worldwide patents have been requested both for the film build used to achieve the candy colour effect and for the repair method used to apply this film build.


DeBeer Refinish Metallic Bright Red can be applied to a range of bright red metallic cars including cars manufactured by Renault, Alfa Romeo, Mazda, Opel, Ford and Peugeot. It is available in one litre (WaterBase Series 900+) and 3.5 litre (BeroBase Series 500) containers.

A Valspar Automotive brand

DeBeer Refinish is a brand of Valspar Automotive, part of the Valspar Corporation, which is listed on the stock exchange. Founded in 1806, this parent company is one of the world’s largest coating manufacturers. Valspar Automotive produces and distributes car refinishes from DeBeer Refinish.