Spies Hecker

David Gerstein‘s colourful 3D metal sculptures are designed to look fantastic for decades, which is why the Israeli pop art artist trusts Standox.

David Gerstein’s works of art are famous in galleries and public spaces around the world, and they all have one thing in common: the bright rainbow colours that have become the 73-year-old’s trademark. To ensure the works of art are permanently protected against the weather, Gerstein uses Standox refinish paint systems.

Gerstein and his team use laser technology to create the very heavy metal art work into the shapes required. For example, the figures in Peloton Wave, which Gerstein has mounted on a huge curved steel arch and painted in his characteristically bright colours, are laser cut. For a permanently glossy finish, Gerstein first applies Standohyd Plus Basecoat with a brush to the powder-coated substrate and then applies a Standocryl Clear in the spray booth to protect the sculptures from weathering and from mechanical damage. It also gives them a high gloss finish.

“Standox paints are characterised not only by their brilliance, but also by their resilience,” says Kerry Henning, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist for Axalta Coating System in South Africa. “We are pleased that we can help ensure that Gerstein’s unique sculptures retain their colourful appearance for years.”

Visit www.davidgerstein.com to view some of Gerstein’s art, and for further information about Standox, please visit www.standox.co.za.