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This year’s bi-annual CYMOT Trade Show broke all previous records for both attendance and business when it was held at the Windhoek Showgrounds in Namibia. CYMOT represents close to 300 individual brands in the company and the Show boasted no less than 200 specialist exhibitors. Suppliers and end users were able to enjoy the latest and greatest on show.

The Friday saw huge interest from CYMOT’s national footprint of customers. It looked promising for the big show day on the Saturday.  Axel Theissen, CEO of the group was very happy with many new product developments on show. There were numerous exhibitors from the CYMOT Colour Perfect body shop range which saw PPG Refinish, 3M, Gondolier, DeVilbiss and Scholl products on show, to name just a few. This powered up the newest CYMOT division which was only started back in 2008.

Operating out of 12 national stand alone outlets throughout the country, CYMOT have worked hard to diversify the customer offer with divisions like Midas motor spares and Greensport camping equipment for the great outdoors leisure market that Namibia currently sees booming with the world’s fascination to escape to a genuine wilderness culture. Things are buoyant in that area of business. Along with this comes genuine industrial work tools and equipment welders plus a huge range of Namsafe personal protective workplace safety products.

Theissen stated that the family and staff’s collected effort has succeeded in bringing a complete range of quality products across the entire range of every division that CYMOT specialise in to their end users.

He remains upbeat about the companys’ world vision and says that in the last year they have installed an all-new holistic IT system to co-ordinate company progress which will stand them in good stead in the years to come. This now operates in a very sophisticated replenishment process from the company headquarters in Windhoek, to keep adequate stocks on hand at all times. Distance is a major factor in Namibia with customers being up to 1800 km apart, many of whom took a day to reach the expo. They came from as  far afield as Angola in the north and Luderitz in the south.

PPG received the Supplier of the Year award in the Colour Perfect division. PPG’s spectacular success with the Envirobase® High Performance range is being driven by innovative and unique technology, the culmination of more than 20 years of research and development, working with OEM’s and shops alike. PPG carries commercial and technical approvals for most of the OE Manufacturers and continuously stay up-to-date with all new technologies and colour info required. Colour information is available 24/7 and can be obtained through a range of colour retrieval applications, i.e. color-online via the web, ColorMobile®, Paint It, PaintManager® as well as RapidMatch™.  According to Adriaan Tromp, CYMOT’s brand manager for the Colour Perfect division, PPG’s product range has the best price and performance ratio for all their brands, which includes Envirobase® HP, MaxMeyer® and Selemix® for the light industrial market. PPG has also recently launched Nexa Autocolor® 2K®, a compact product line manufactured for the Southern Africa market’s over the counter sales. With a full PPG product offer, all customer needs are met.

3M were also cited as delivering great back-up service on their quality range of refinish technologies.

It was great to see everyone celebrating the huge success that they have achieved. The CYMOT operation is simply world class. For all concerned, their position is one of a pinnacle business that looks to be way ahead of their competitors. The unique focus on keeping up good stewardship and family values is a very real breath of fresh air in a market where the deadly hustle of business seems to necessitate a “kill or be killed” atmosphere in aftermarket body shop supplies.

With over 40 000 products on offer and a committed and hard working team, CYMOT’s success looks set to continue in the Namibian theatre of activity.