BMW April 2022

Turning a client’s dreams into reality is sometimes easier said than done. In this case, it was a story of incorporating a definitive look, with some very serious (and modern) underpinnings. Take a garden-variety VW Beetle, and give it some teeth. PRD Customs undertook the mechanical work, and FUEL Customs undertook the cosmetic work.

Upon tear-down, many years of abuse and accident damage was unearthed, which made for an easy first port of call. A full, ground-up, down to the metal cosmetic restoration, getting rid of rust and damage took almost as long as the metalwork to widen the car by 40mm for wider wheels and tyres, as well as giving the car more stance. Next was to decide on how to go about the performance side of things. To name but a few interesting modifications:

  • SUBARU EJ20 with KKK Turbo
  • Stand-alone management system
  • Polyurethane suspension bushes
  • All-round coil-over suspension
  • All-round cross-drilled and ventilated disc brakes
  • 5I rims
  • Custom fabricated exhaust, radiator and pipework
  • Fuel cell with surge tank

Bolting things together, including a two-tone leather interior with block pattern, the client was very specific as to the look and feel of the car, incorporating a roof-rack and surfboard as part of the cool-appeal. Finished off with red rims and whitewall inserts a masterpiece was born out of a passion for the unique nature of owning something bespoke.

Story by Louw du Toit. Pics by Jay Groat