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Axalta SEP 2021
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If you were a child growing up in the 90’s chances are you would have had a poster on a wall in your bedroom with a red Dodge Viper, and all manner of ladies being draped over the bonnet. That long bonnet, mixed with the long legs of the ladies was enough to give any red-blooded male palpitations.

It wasn’t only the looks of this all-American car that would send your heart racing, as the 8-litre V10, helped in design by Lamborghini, would become renowned for taking no prisoners when it came to performance, and for that matter, rear wheel traction.

This is one vehicle that requires a deft hand behind the wheel to make sure the rubber side stays down and facing forward. Those willing to take their chances behind the wheel were quickly rewarded by a vehicle that is as close to a racecar as can be. No modern comforts, not even air-conditioning or exterior door handles on the early models, made sure that it was a vehicle made for the enthusiast wanting a pure and thrilling experience. The bodywork was made to be as strong and light as possible, largely out of fibreglass.

Through the years, and with a very long production run from 2002 right up to 2017 the Viper became easier to live with and easier to tame, with all the necessary safety equipment and modern touches. However, the original design was always evident, and will surely pull at the heart- and purse strings of those lucky enough to be able to park one in their garage.

When a vehicle like this arrives at your shop for a cosmetic makeover, it is important to remember that dealing with fibreglass is different to any other material, in that the preparation and products are different. FUEL Customs were well known for cosmetic touch-ups, followed by a full vehicle paint-correction and coatings to finish the detailing to the bodywork.