BMW April 2022

It hasn’t taken long for Brett van Heerden’s team at Car Spares and Paint (CSP) working out of their flagship store in De Villiers Avenue, Vereeniging, to gain good market acceptance for the all-new Challenger refinish brand. Brett says the value offer for the system of refinish is outstanding with many retail and trade prices offered at around 50% less than competitors in the market place right now.  

CSP has a 35-year track record of success in the Vaal theatre of body shop supplies. “What is working well,” say William Lubbe and Zirk Wilken, who oversee the colour matching section at the company, “is the ultra-fast colour spectro. With so many vehicles not carrying any colour reference code number it is a vital piece of kit from Challenger. We’re matching in excess of 30 colours per day and once we have obtained the colour formula our colour matchers can quickly retrieve and select the correct shade ready to mix it for our customers. Each colour match is often fantastically close to the original colour sample and just needs in some cases a trace of toner for that perfect colour match. 

The CSP area of operation expands to the Free State, Heidelberg, Sasolburg, Meyerton and other southern points of Gauteng. By expanding the offer of windscreen replacement, body panels, lamps and other key plastic parts replacement, Brett is upbeat about their one stop shop philosophy and says when it comes to remaining competitive in this very price conscious body shop business a great way to remain relative is to offer clients even better value and performance refinish brands. The Challenger full range of clears, primers and base coats really do fit the bill.