BMW April 2022

Dear colleagues, when preparing this article for Automotive Refinisher, the country has already reached Level 3 Lockdown and hopefully we will soon be on our way back to Level 2.

In the Automotive Body Repair Industry Covid-19 will be seen in history as “the big game changer!” Not only because of all the restrictions in the published regulations, but also because of the implication it had for the South African economy and its influence on employment in our industry.

In my last article I mentioned that Trade Test Centres would start-up soon. In a Memorandum received from NAMB on 7 May 2020 Trade Test Centres were allowed to open and apprentices may now go ahead and again apply for level tests. Other employees wanting to qualify as a panelbeater or spraypainter may now go ahead, completing the necessary application documentation, and sending it to the Merseta. 

“Online learning and assessing” is now a reality in the Automotive Body Repair Industry. I received quite a few e-mails and telephone enquiries from employees about the Vehicle Damage Quantification Qualification (VDQ). In short I will try and explain the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process, that is going to be applied by QCTO accredited Skills Development Providers, with regards to the VDQ Qualification.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)QCTO Document)

What is RPL?

It is an assessment process.

It involves assessment of an individual.

Who has gained skills and knowledge.

Through informal, non-formal experiential learning.

What is the process?

An individual is assessed, and his/her learning is recognised by awarding credits should the requirements of the NQF Registered Qualification (eg: VDQ) be met by the candidate.

Why RPL?

Formal recognition is given for knowledge/skills gained on the job as it offers informal/unstructured learning experiences and competence is recognised through practical work experience.

A candidate can now apply for the recognition of prior learning at QCTO accredited Skills Development Providers or Assessment Centres accredited by the QCTO. The Skills Development Provider will conduct an assessment and provide gap closure training should any skills gaps be identified. 

The Skills Development Provider (SDP) then prepares the RPL-candidate for External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA). “Online learning and assessment” in distance education refers to the provision of structured learning and assessing opportunities by the SDP using a combination of contact, distance and/or informal communication technologies (ICT) – supported opportunities (mode of provision) to suit different purposes (From: QCTO Guidelines for the standards of eLearning for Registered Qualifications on the OQSF.) 

If you want to find out more about the “Online learning and assessing modes of provision for the purpose of obtaining the VDQ-Qualification,” feel free to drop me an e-mail or contact me on  082 414 5557 or Leave a message at  +27 (0)12 379 8684.

Groetnis Oom Frik

By Dr Frik Botha