BMW April 2022

Instead of my usual Question and Answer article, I would rather take the opportunity to inform you about relevant documentation you should lay your hands on as we are moving from Level 4 to eventually get to Level 1.

Government Gazette: Vol. 658 29 April 2020 No. 43257 Covid-19 Occupational Health and Safety Measures in Workplaces Covid-19 (C19OHS), 2020

Regulation Gazette: Vol. 658 29 April 2020 No. 43258 Disaster Management Act, 2020 Regulations Issued in terms of section 27 (2) of the Disaster Management Act, 2020

Notes: Media Briefing on Stage Four Direction on Health and Safety Regulations: 03.05.2020, TW Nxesi MP. Minister of Employment and Labour page 4: “Every Employer Must:”

With regards to training please take note of the following:

Skills Development and Training: from the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation (3.4.2020) “Our Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s) working with all these social partners will ensure that during the months of May – June learners are returning to the workplaces and training institutions in line with their gradual opening as per Level 4 guidelines”.

Trade Test Centres will also start-up and the level test assessments of CBMT apprentices will continue.

To limit the risk of infections to all those entering the premises of the Trade Test Centre is to be in strict compliance with the Covid-19 protocols and requirements.

With regards to training the QCTO Covid-19 Memorandum 1: 

“The QCTO believes that there is no fundamental injunction against online learning for qualification on the OQSF (Occupational Qualifications Sub-framework”).

“… the QCTO has taken the decision to relax regulations around the mode of delivery for qualifications on this sub-framework”.

“… implementation of the workplace component will depend on the lockdown levels and the restrictions attached to each level”.

“All knowledge and practical learning for OQSF qualifications and trades may be conducted through online or blended learning – even where the qualification specifies that this is not possible”.

“Final summative assessments (such as the External Integrated Summative Assessments, Trade Tests or Final Assessments) may not at this stage be conducted online and all evidence must be collected as usual”.

At this time of crisis, the QCTO stands by the QAPs, SDP’s and learners in the trade and occupational space, and is committed to finding flexible solutions to ensure that education and training continue without undue interruption. The QCTO will continue to update its stakeholders as the situation develops.

Colleagues, friends and countrymen in the automotive body repair industry, keep on reading and studying the Automotive Refinisher. Hopefully, in my next article (depending on your questions) I will give you more information about online training and assessing with regards to the VDQ-Qualifications, RPL process. 

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Groetnis Oom Frik

By Dr Frik Botha