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D8175, Rapid Performance Clearcoat, is not just another fast clearcoat. Through extensive research and development, using the latest game-changing clearcoat technology, PPG has developed a clearcoat that is not only faster than other fast drying clearcoats, but also performs better.

D8175 is a high speed drying clear with a winning combination of unparalleled finish appearance, hardness, excellent polishing properties, easy application and flow from the gun. You get all these benefits whilst drying to a flawless mirror-like finish in just five minutes at 60 °C.

Do you want more profitability and energy savings?

Faster – Incredible speed defines PPG’s D8175 Rapid Performance Clearcoat. It enables body shops to complete work faster by reducing cycle time and therefore process a higher volume of repairs.  Such speed results in significant energy savings, improve body shop profitability by optimising workflow and relieve any bottlenecks.

Do you want easier application and perfect finish?

Harder – Thanks to its outstanding hardening properties and its excellent polish-ability, D8175 provides an easy and productive process. This helps saving even more precious time whilst giving maximum satisfaction during the repair.

Do you want flexibility, one product to do it all?

Better – With its longer pot life, PPG’s new clearcoat offers complete flexibility: all types of job can be sprayed and baked efficiently. From spot repair to panel or to full respray, D8175 will amaze you with its easy application and fantastic flow from the gun.

The excellent flow characteristics makes the application easier than ever before with virtually no polishing needed. You can achieve a flawless, mirror-like perfect finish with out waterwhite clean colour D8175.

PPG Rapid Performance Clearcoat, D8175, delivers ultimate speed with no compromise on performance in conjunction with PPG Envirobase® HP. It offers a simple package, with maximum flexibility:  D8175 uses a dedicated hardener and two thinners to ensure optimum application in all temperatures. The oven can also be set to 40°C and the clear will still dry within 20 minutes. It will also air dry within 90 minutes at 20-25°C substrate temperature.

PPG Rapid Performance Clearcoat, D8175 delivers ultimate speed with no compromise on performance. PPG technology has been present and recognised for staying ahead of refinish developments.