BMW April 2022

Fifteen years in business is no mean feat. It is evidence of having overcome the challenges faced during the start-up phase and reflects the ingenuity, tenacity and perseverance of the entrepreneur behind the brand who acts as the driving force to take his team forward. While City Paint and Abrasives is proud to celebrate their 15th business anniversary this year, it marks more than just a milestone and special occasion for the local industry role player. 

This is because more than simply carving out a prominent niche for themselves as a credible, trustworthy supplier of quality automotive and industrial paint products to body shops, industrial customers and the general industry in and around Cape Town since 2003, there is an untold story of a familial legacy dating back to the early 1900’s that bears repeating.  

Some may argue that entrepreneurs are born, not made that entrepreneurship is either in your DNA or it’s not. It’s an argument of nature versus nurture. When it comes to Gavin Kinnear however, the founder and CEO of City Paint and Abrasives, one might say that whilst entrepreneurship seems to be a skill he’s developed and blazed a trail for, there is a definite family legacy dedicated towards industry leadership, excellence and an uncanny knack for knowing your product and how to apply it perfectly.  

Gavin’s forebearers began the journey into spray painting in 1901 when his great grandfather, CJ Kinnear began his career in the industry at Wevel Bros. where he worked until 1935. This was followed by his son CJH Kinnear working at Rob Motors from 1921 to 1970 and his son, RCJ Kinnear following in his footsteps in the industry and last, but not least taking us to the present day with Gavin Kinnear and his son Matthew who is also involved in the family business. 

Says Gavin: “I am a fourthgeneration spray painter by trade and its not just about selling paint or spray-painting. To me it’s a passion that lives within and those before me. It is about leaving a legacy behind of my father and his father, and his father’s father.   

All have been experts in their field and those who knew them or had the privilege to have worked with any of them will know that they accepted nothing short of perfection.   

“Selling paint is easy, fixing a car is easy, spraying a car is easy, replacing a panel is easy, but the passion and the legacy that comes with four generations is priceless. It is with pride that I celebrate 15 years of growing this Kinnear legacy.” 

Celebrating 15 years of being in business and growing the business to where it is today does not happen without the knowledge and input of a strong and supportive team and Kinnear is quick to acknowledge and applaud his staff, as their dedication filters through directly to the benefit of each and every customer. 

The move to becoming a PPG distributor in 2015 was the next step towards implementing the company’s growth strategy.  “We have predominantly been operating in the economy brand sector, but have always wanted to be a distributor for a premium brand. With PPG it gives us the opportunity to step into that league,” says Gavin. “The PPG products do speak for themselves as they are of an exceptionally high quality.  

“City Paint and Abrasives customers can be assured of sharing in a trustworthy partnership with the business, one that shares in their success. Superior products and services are offered with tailor made solutions to meet every need. It almost goes without saying that customers can also rely on consistent delivery, accurate inventory management, in-house technical assistance, management consulting services, training, up to date information and much more.  

“With two established branches in Brackenfell and Maitland the company has built up a solid reputation, one that we look forward to seeing go from strength to strength over the course of the next 15 years and beyond.” concluded Gavin.