BMW April 2022

Chem2K, based in the Roodepoort area of Johannesburg, is a new kid on the block offering body shop ancillaries. “We started our journey into this business selling polyurethane materials a few years ago and now we have opened a new company to stand side-by-side to the first, to include ranges for the collision repair market,” said Rory Wylie, sales director at Chem2K.

This new venture sees Chem2K offering the Four Rings 2K coatings – made in Cape Town – and feedback from the end-user is that it has been well received, both on quality and price. The Anest-Iwata spray equipment range, as well as SIB’s host of products – Evercoat, 3D polish, Imperial abrasives, Ceelac – to name just a few – are in their stable of goods. Chem2K are also able to service any spray equipment, pressure pots and airless pumps. So Chem2K is definitely more than a one-stop-shop when it comes to service and product range for any collision repairer.

“An excellent addition to our line-up is our Polyline, a solvent-borne polyurethane,” says Willem Poortvliet, the technical director at Chem2K. “This is a liner that you can spray onto the loadbin of bakkies, trailers, onto stairs and much more which forms a protective coat once dry.” This is an excellent add-on for any panel shop to be able to offer their clients. A clever battery-operated polisher is another smart add-on for developing shops or purely for a handy extra if you experience any power outages – or aren’t near a power point.

Take a look at to see their entire range or call Rory on 061 047 9897 to place an order and get their 10% discount on their Four Rings range for their year-end special which runs until January 2019.