BMW April 2022

Mix & Match, who recently secured the sole distribution in Sub-Saharan Africa for Axalta’s new Challenger™ value brand, are upbeat about the colour matching capabilities of the range. They are confident that Challenger™ brings a new level of European paint quality and colour match to the value brand sector.

Yacoob Mahomed from Mix & Match says that there are over 70 000 colour formulations on offer to help body shops accurately determine the right formula every time. Taking advantage of Axalta’s global colour expertise, Challenger’s database of colours is continually updated to include the latest car colours and to ensure the best match every time.

Colour Catcher Spectrophotometer

Challenger™ users will enjoy all the benefits of Axalta’s colour matching expertise via the Colour Catcher Spectrophotometer, which allows refinishers to measure colours directly from the vehicle body. It identifies solid colours as well as complicated metallic and Xirallic® shades and transmits the information to the computer, where it is checked against the data stored in the colour retrieval software.

A New Generation

Unlike earlier generation spectros from other brands, Axalta’s Colour Catcher is a user-friendly, hand-held device that digitally measures any vehicle’s basecoat or 2K topcoat, quickly and easily. Straightforward to use, the cordless Colour Catcher can be used around the body shop to measure the colour of several different repairs before being connected to the supporting software. And there’s no need to take vehicles outside to measure the colours – the Colour Catcher can be used in all lighting conditions. All these benefits add up to a quick colour match and aid quick turnarounds for body shops.

Colour Channel Online

The Colour Catcher Spectro is linked to Axalta’s online global database of colour formulations. This ensures that colour formulas and colour-related information, including OEM trends, new pigment technology and colour variations from the field, are always available to you. Colour Channel is updated every week with the latest colour formulas for European, US, South African and Asian car models. The software returns a formula that can be sent directly to an electronic scale, together with a specification of precise quantities. Apart from quick access to thousands of mixing formulas, the programme also offers comprehensive colour and production information, safety data and processing information.

Full database of SA car colours

Few value brands can offer the complete collection of SA car colours that is so vital to local body shops. Being part of the Axalta family, Challenger™ users get the most comprehensive database of SA specific colours, so colour matching is made that much more accurate.

Proven in Body Shops

Early reports from the Axalta KZN technical team are that Challenger™ delivers a state-of-the-art answer to all colour matching in the body shop repair process, including plastics and damaged parts. Mix and Match say that in a very crowded market, the overall value added by Challenger’s colour capability is significant because it delivers express quality and dependability with a great value price.

For more information, or to set up a free demo of Axalta’s outstanding value brand, call Mix & Match on +27 (0)31 465 4511 or email: or visit their website: