BMW April 2022

Challenger recently held training with Axalta for their Gauteng distributors. The course was an introduction to the Challenger brand and covered both practical and theory. 

The practical course included the application of the Challenger range – under coats, base coats, 2K top coats and clear coats. The theory side of the course provided technical information and allowed each delegate to get to grips with the spectrophotometer and other technology available in the system. 

CHALLENGER PIC 2Each session was able to hold 12 people and this training event saw two sessions take place over four days. Challenger don’t charge for training for their distributors as they constantly offer training, support and technology that is needed to maintain a successful distribution network. 

As Challenger is part of the Axalta stable, training was held at their new training centre in Midrand, Johannesburg. “We received excellent feedback from those who attended the training,” said Yacoob Mahomed, managing director of Mix and Match, sole importer of the Challenger brand. “The Axalta training centre has really impressed our distributors. You have all of the latest technology and equipment at your fingertips, as well as knowledgeable Axalta technicians on hand doing the training.”

Plans are underfoot to schedule more training on a regular basis, which will be added to the in-house and field training customers already receive.