BMW April 2022

The family operated business of Paint ’n Spray has a long history of success in the Mayfair area where they opened their first branch 15 years ago. Owner Zubair Kara says that they have traditionally serviced their customers of car repairers, DIY car enthusiasts as well as woodworking clients within a five-kilometre radius of downtown Mayfair. 

In their theatre of activity, they have now added two more stores to the Paint ’n Spray, namely one in Fordsburg and the other in Alexandria. These are backed up by three swift delivery vehicles and boast many years of understanding that timeous, good and friendly service goes a long way to customer satisfaction.  

The new Challenger brand from Mix & Match in Durban, who hold the distribution rights to the quality and performance brand from Axalta, are upbeat about the customer acceptance for the new ultra-fast colour matching system. “This has resulted in excellent customer satisfaction and we’re now employing over 15 staff members. The swing over to a fully comprehensive body shop with a one-stop shop concept is in full swing,” says Mohamed Kara, manager and marketing guru at Paint ‘n Spray. 

The online colour retrieval and spectrophotometer gives instant readouts on any sample that comes in for colour matching in basecoat or 2K. The Challenger value clear coats, hardeners and high fill primers deliver super efficiency every time on any repair.  

“Since we opened in 2004 the market has remained brisk, and now with three operations in hand we are also able to support the larger body shops in Johannesburg too. There is also a huge number of repair and mechanical shops fixing uninsured vehicles that customers still need to be returned to the road in top class condition.  

“With our newly created database for collision repair customers in the area, we are able to offer weekly specials on quality products. We deliver them top service to their doorstep as we perfect the professional approach that our new Challenger brand demands,” believes Mohamed.