BMW April 2022

Within three years of adding the Challenger brand to their range of options as a business, Mix and Match have gone on to be the largest distributor of the Challenger brand in Africa. How have they achieved this? By working hard, understanding their market, moving with the times – as well as offering a quality range at a value price. 

Challenger is user-friendly from a spot repair to a complete respray. It has a wide application with optimised drying times and polishes effortlessly with high gloss results. It has quick turnaround times helping improve the bottom line of your business. 

Challenger is a brand of Axalta Coatings systems who are a world leading point manufacturer. This pedigree helps immensely when it comes to matching colour. The Challenger refinish system includes a full set of colour tools to ensure the closest match on technical colours. 

Another colour tool is their spectrometer to get the formula with a colour sample to ensure a fast colour-match. Body shops are all able to enjoy a high-end finish with the Challenger brand that is often half the price of other refinish brands on offer. In a time of slower turnaround, the maximum profit is of utmost importance. With its’ lifetime warranty this will give any customer peace-of-mind too. Challenger paint can be thinned by up to 80% by using Challenger reducer. In comparison to its competitor’s that can only be thinned by between 10-20% it’s another cost savings added to the end-user. 

Moving with the times, Mix and Match have introduced an online buying platform to make it even easier to order and receive their merchandise. An expedient courier system allows orders to be delivered anywhere in South Africa with the more distant customers receiving their orders within 24 hours.

Challenger is an all-round quality refinish paint that should be considered by every cost-conscious body shop who wants affordability and efficiency without compromising on quality with the end result of a high-end finished repair.