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Ceramic Pro, the pioneers of the multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating have announced Franchise opportunities available across South Africa. With Ceramic Pro’s head offices based in Sandton and authorised dealers around the country, the popular online brand has seen exponential growth both locally and internationally since being introduced in 2010.

Active in over 80 countries around the world, with Russia, China and the USA being their biggest and most productive markets, the highly sought after paint protection coating has been the product of choice to detailers across the globe. This is thanks to its hardness once cured. It is measured to have a hardness of above 9H in comparison to your average clear coat that has a hardness of between 2H and 4H. That is almost 3 times harder than the average clear coat. This secondary glass coating prevents any minor scratches, fading to the original clear coat and acts as a sacrificial layer which preserves your car’s original factory paint. It prevents it from fading or aging thanks to its built in UV protection in the glassy nano-coating.

Highly popular with any classic car collector or car fanatic the Ceramic Pro nano coating, if scratched, can easily be removed with a light polishing which won’t weaken the integrity of your cars original clear coat. More reasons for this slick and self-cleaning nano technology is that its Ceramic nano particles fill the smallest pores in the paint which makes the Ceramic Pro glass shield shiny, smooth and extremely hydrophobic. Ceramic Pro dramatically lowers the surface tension preventing environmental contaminants such as: bird droppings, bugs, dirt, tar and graffiti paint from bonding to the surface. Water easily removes dirt from the surface by encapsulating it while rolling off. This is called the self-cleaning effect.

Permanent protection Ceramic Pro 9H, which is a one-time application, if maintained correctly, can only be removed through wet sanding, which is why staff training is imperative. Ceramic Pro cannot be applied by just anyone and they don’t retail the product to the public. Their products are quite technical to apply so only they apply the ceramic coat or allow people to do the application after strict training and franchise approval. By doing this, they ensure their quality and workmanship is always at the highest possible level. This puts Ceramic Pro in a category by itself, compared to sealants or waxes that degrade quickly.

Having always worked with cars, Tiago Veloso, CEO of Ceramic Pro, saw an opportunity to bring a product to the South African market that could withstand the harsh elements and conditions. “This year we have coated over 3 000 vehicles and are working on big plans with manufacturers and dealers alike. In SA we have a staff complement of over 40, but in order for you to open up your own franchise, a complement of about six staff should be a good starting point”.

Speaking to Lein Schutz, COO of Ceramic Pro, more about the franchise model, he said “The territories on offer are sold with right of first refusal status, so the franchisor will only open within a specific area if the existing franchisee is given first option. We are mindful of the effect that another franchise will have on an existing business and therefore there are no restrictions on where a mobile unit may operate. Workload will be managed by head office where leads will be directed to areas on behalf of the franchisee”.

With areas like Nelspruit, Cresta and Ballito already taken, there is no time to waste as there are only a finite number of areas available. In closing Tiago said “This is a very exciting time for Ceramic Pro, as we recently launched the franchise programme to fuel our aggressive expansion plans. We’re currently looking for operators that love our concept and are excited about being a part of an emerging franchise concept from the beginning.”

For more information about territories and if you will qualify to be a franchisee please contact Ceramic Pro South Africa: +27 (0)11 262 2150/52 or read more about the brand on their website www.ceramicpro.co.za