BMW April 2022

The pioneering equipment supplier for body shop repairs has an enviable track record of success in terms of keeping their client base a happy one.

The family-owned company was started in the early seventies by George Gajic, and became a driver for change with the introduction of SAICO spray booths to keep pace with the 2K paint revolution. The need for a more structured type of body repair then saw the introduction of the Celette repair benches and jigs which meet manufacturers standards.

The list of special imports by Celette SA is impressive with further brand additions from Wiëlander+Schill Tools and IRT infra-red drying systems.

Today a small team led by Richard Gajic, Sean Pearce, Garthley Doyle and Ronnie Pillay are responsible for the entire aftermarket service for Celette SA supplied products. Their range now includes the fully imported Betag tool range and FAM spray booths and preparation centre designs. 

Sean says it is vital and a key element to ensure that spray booth maintenance is kept up to schedule when it comes to motor body approvals. “We first inspect air pressure, filter media, operating standards and general all-over air flow efficiency on the way to service and complete compliance certificates that we issue on these routine services. These are in some cases, on a contract basis.”

Celette SA also have an in-house, state-of-the-art training centre that offers Celette bench training and updates for end-user proficiency. Along with this, the company back-up their spot welders with proficiency checks to ensure that they meet their performance standards in body repair.

Celette SA are now moving in a big way to introduce gas burners which can reduce baking costs by approximately 50% and are also capable of boosting body shop production levels with their direct-fired gas heating technologies. These can be easily installed or retrofitted to any make of older spray booth. It is a fast and easy installation by the crew who are knowledgeable experts at Celette SA. 

“What we try to avoid with our routine maintenance schedules, are breakdowns and general down time caused in some cases by a lack of carrying out routine maintenance or existing plant and machinery.” says Garthley. “It is a vital part of running an efficient paint shop to schedule booth maintenance with a complete technical inspection and approved service to avoid electrical problems or poor spray booth output which in turn affect the quality of work for the shop.”

Celette SA operate a national service and back-up of all products sold by the company to the collision repair market.

For more details you can call Sean at +27 (0)11 334 1875 for further information on the company’s back-up service.