BMW April 2022

If you are running a modern body shop the sheer increase in diesel fuel costs has become an eye watering ever-increasing story. Celette SA, have for a number of years, been a key provider of new body shop methods and cost savings for the local market. 

The latest cost saving direct gas burner is now incorporated into the performance profile of the FAM SRI spray booth concept. These can capably deliver up to approximately 50% savings in overall costs to an average paint shop. This is achieved by exceptional uniform bake cycle temperature build-up and a compete cure cycle of around 15 minutes for full cure of a 2K type paint refinishing system.

FAM booths are imported from Italy and represent absolute state-of-the-art technology in terms of reliability and unrivalled dependability as a unique technology in any area of your new paint shop design for the future.

Coupled to this, a full range of factory-built preparation areas, paint mixing rooms with space saving designs that include IRT class leading infra-red drying systems, Celette can capably optimise a while new range of options that will maximise a body shop concept capability.  “In the countdown to future needs our top-class Italian FAM Celette brand will always offer class-leading performance without compromising on quality for your business demands.”

Automotive Refinisher recently took a look at two installations that Celette SA carried out at Bruce’s Panel Shop in Pietermaritzburg, KZN. “The conversion took around five days to complete,” said owner Bruce de Lange, who operates the family managed panel shop an has done so since 1994 is still pursuing his passion of getting a perfect panel shop to operate at maximum efficiency. “Our recent FAM Italian spray booth from Celette SA is a work of art that functions amazingly well. Now with the direct gasfire burner, we have been able to double our output with cure turn around in just 30 minutes.”

Bruces’ Panel Shop operates in a large 3 400 square metre production centre. They are packed to the rafters with on-going work and employ over 45 key professionals. “Our people,” says Bruce, “have always been our biggest asset and this ensures a big commitment to jobs being delivered on time and right first time.”

“Our old spray booth was retrofitted with an additional direct gas fired burner which has further boosted the production levels of our company,” he said. “We are achieving major savings on energy costs and it’s a relief from the increasing fuel bills that previously arrived on my desk.”

Story and pics by Ian Groat