With a knowledge on how to repair instead of replace, Celette SA recently held a full, two-day repair training session with Betag world skills trainer, Ralf Meichtry. Betag, who works extensively with global car makers and their recommended equipment, showed how to obtain high quality repairs with their hands-on approach using OEM knowledge from working with brands such as BMW, VW, Audi, Renault, Toyota, Peugeot and Citroën, to name just a few.

Their aim is to reduce repair cycle times and generate top class output quality first time around. Betag has much experience in body repair from outer panels, bottom sills, welded and bonded panels to inner frame straightening. The package works very well on both steel and aluminium substrates to improve repair efficiency.

Standard instruction was given on choosing the right repair method recognising dents, both sharp and soft dents and choosing the best way to repair them. Complex areas of repair came in for major discussion and rectification methods on achieving a good result were ably demonstrated.

Estimating damaged areas was also given real attention to obtain accurate analysis. If areas just needed paint removal, prepping and paint removal with Betag, was also looked at.

A large attendance was seen from local body shop owners and some major insurers, who were keen to examine the benefits of the Betag innovative repair solutions range. A full presentation on repairing alloys and aluminium substrates with the Alu-T Hotbox dent removal technology, the lever system as well as the traditional hammer and dolly dent removal for shorter cycle time in repair was given.

Celette SA also demonstrated their new Chameleon repair centre. It was perfect timing to uplift the skills, performance and knowlege of the panelbeaters who took time out of their busy schedules to see the future of body repair on offer from Celette SA

Keep an eye out for your next Betag innovation training day.