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Celette South Africa have recently installed a pilot Aria Drytech system at Alfa Trio, in Vereeniging, to gauge the cost savings that the new Italian technology can be capable of delivering. A better quality paint finish and extra productivity for body shops are just some of the perks the cleaner technology offers.

Richard Gagic, CEO of Celette SA, says, ”It is vitally important to understand that body shops in Europe have already converted to this cleaner more efficient and effective gas technology due to changes in legislation. Now thanks to the VW DieselGate scandal, most cities  across Europe and Scandinavia are considering a diesel ban. It’s only a matter of time until laws are passed here in South Africa.”

The Aria Drytech is a new gas-based system. It is able to get an overall maximum efficiency of close to 100% in energy transfer during the bake cycle. It is important for waterborne paint packages in that the Aria Drytech technology also improves the through-drying characteristics for waterborne with reduced humidity in the oven to create a better final hardness on a vehicle.

The Aria Drytech installation fits straight onto most spray cabins. With its excellent temperature stability and even heat distribution patterns, it is able to reduce the spray and bake cycle by some 30% to finish a complete paint job. This has the advantage of upping production each day which becomes an important factor for bottle necks in paint shops.

When the Aria Drytech is in use, a constant overall temperature is achieved much faster than a diesel fired system. The lower overall temperature settings further reduce gas consuming costs because it uses a direct heating technology with less overall waste of energy that is seen with indirect heating systems. This helps to deliver the average 25% cost savings.

Another major factor is that Aria-C direct fired burners need a minimum once-a-year service which will be more cost effective over conventional systems. In every day use because gas is much cleaner than its diesel counterpart. Gagic went on to say that the full Aria Drytech unit is fitted as a retrofit system and can easily be installed by any body shop wishing to reduce their overall operating paint shop costs. It is very environmentally friendly for it delivers extremely low final emissions.  From a health and safety point the system meets 2006/42 CE global compliance levels.

The Aria Drytech has a full range of applications available for both large and small body shop operations. It is also installed with an easy-to-operate control panel with a full kit of special galvanised steel plates that support the burner and valve assemblies. It can be installed swiftly in the following spray booths: Blowtherm, CMC, Lagos, Guangli, Lutro, Zhongda, FB, Metron, Nova Verta, Saico, Saima, Thermomeccanica and many other popular spray cabins.

The system from Aria Drytech is engineered to retrofit and replace traditional combustion chamber units with a fast fired direct fired burner heating system which can use either natural gas or LPG to delivery pure heat.

If you would like to get more details on the new Aria Drytech systems, please call Richard at Celette SA on +27 (0)11 334 1875.