BMW April 2022

It has taken the best part of nearly two years of research and development to bring the Carvello refinish brand to the local market. The value car refinish package now offers complete system integration with a world class programme of colour tools and easy to use formula finding colour retrieval on up to 155 000 popular colour shades. Carvello also deliver top quality colour swatches for panels on a spot repair on steel, plastic or GDP fibreglass hang-on parts.

Kevin Lurie from Luxor Paints says that the company have a proven track record. The user-friendly system has both solid colour toners and basecoat metallic. These now include new internationally competitive special developments like the new aluminium, pearl and xyrillic features which have been added to the expanded machine mixing toner range to make the spraypainter’s job as easy as possible too. The Colore Magnifico colour box, which contains actual spray-outs on storage cards, gives a quick visual check for the colour that’s needed to be matched for ever more speed and accuracy. The fan deck contains over 5 000 colours to choose from.

“Right now, we’re having to run a double shift to keep up with manufacturing for this new emerging brand that delivers a high quality, wet-look finish. Our distributors now demand some of the key CCI HS mirror clear coats and the high capacity 9000 Series basecoats because of increased end-user demand from the body shops,” said Kevin.

“We need to maintain these attributes and our overall objective is to back-up the system. Luxor have also formulated a new AP HS Primer range. This two component package delivers superb filling properties and is suitable for large- and small panel application. They are formulated to dry fast and deliver excellent hardness. There is a full line-up of express primer and high-build wash primers for easy application and express production needs.

“We know that it’s very crowded right now in the local marketplace, but by using raw materials of the highest quality available, these new modern refinish technologies will please any discerning and quality driven spraypainter to explore the value and quality delivered from the Carvello range. You can visit for more information.