BMW April 2022

When Canning’s – one of Cape Town’s oldest automotive refinishing specialists – moved to their newly bespoke premises mid-last year, it was evident that they were serious about being at the cutting edge of vehicle repair. As a successful business that has been going for more than 47 years this year, they have always made it their goal to invest in the best equipment and technology to keep them ahead of the game. 

“We have always seen the new Canning’s as the “boutique hotel” of body shops,” says Charles Canning. “As such we are always looking for new innovations and technology that will create a better business environment for all. Every detail is important. Our latest introduction during the Covid-19 pandemic is a hassle-free, digital check-in and screening programme. Our clients are also offered a complimentary company branded face mask to be as safe and sanitary as possible at the coalface. Strict sanitisation protocols are also being followed to protect our staff, facility and our clients. 

“The whole journey of getting their vehicle repaired at Canning’s takes any friction out of the client’s hands. An eye for detail, plus top-notch technology and equipment ensure that our vision is achieved. You simply have to embrace the future.”

Some trailblazing at Canning’s new premises saw investment in the best benches, spray booths and even a lift to make sure that cars could transition easily from the first to second floor during production. Charles and James – the brother team at Canning’s – have now taken it a step further by introducing the Standox Xtreme system into their shop to enable even better customer service and throughput. 

After testing various systems, the team at Cannings chose the new Standox Xtreme system for their body shop. “It is simply way ahead in process,” said Charles. 

The Standox Xtreme system comprises of the following products; the VOC Xtreme wet-on-wet filler U7650 Standoblue Basecoat and VOC Xtreme Clear K9580.

How it works

The VOC Extreme wet-on-wet filler U7650 is applied and flashed off in a total of six minutes. Standoblue Basecoat is applied and flashed off before the VOC Xtreme Clear K9580 is applied, flashed-off and dried at 60°C in 12 minutes. This is a total time of 36 minutes – extremely efficient in time. 

“You are able to mask and touch-up during the process if there are any faults along the way and once it’s baked, you can polish straight away. Our usage is way down due to the simplified system and the added bonus of the HS Primer that dries ambiently to be able to be sanded in 25 minutes is conducive to greater productivity and energy saving again.”

As products are able to dry at 40°C and 20°C along the process, this makes for huge savings on energy for the booth as well as diesel costs overall. Faster drying times also reduces bottle necks at the spray booth and helps with much faster throughput. This faster drying time also means that you can do small area repair even quicker and become more lucrative. A one-day service will make for happy customers and better bottom lines. 

Intense gloss that dries quickly and thoroughly is what the clearcoat delivers. The Xtreme system is easy to apply and is a leap ahead in the way a modern body shop should do business.


By Claire Macfie