BMW April 2022

It is is 2:30pm on a Tuesday afternoon and the centre is buzzing with training. On one end learners are in a classroom going through the concepts of understanding the exchange of energy when selecting the right tools for a repair process. In another classroom, learners have been tasked with giving a presentation on identifying paint defects on a panel. And whilst all of this is happening – an apprentice has just passed her final Level 3 Spray Painting Trade test, jumping up and down with joy.
The Fully Accredited Testing and Training facility, C3 Auto Body Repair Academy, also known as just “C3”, is led by a dynamic young lady, Busisiwe Maile.
‘’The rate at which the MBR industry is advancing is both exciting and at times a little overwhelming but we love that we get to be at the epicentre of it all,” says Busisiwe. “As it is, we are developing integrated training platforms that will allow us to use technology and visual media to improve training and keep up with industry advancements. These learning platforms will also allow us to reach MBRs in remote areas given that there is only a handful of MBR training institutions throughout the country”.
Busisiwe goes on to add that C3’s goal is not only to contribute significantly to the MBR industry, but to create impact through the development of young people who will be equipped with the skills and capabilities that will allow them to participate in South Africa’s socio-economic mainstream.
“We believe that when our youth is adequately skilled and find employment or a means to produce and earn an honest living, there’s a dignity that’s bestowed on them. There’s dignity in being able to provide for one’s self and family. There’s dignity in being able to purchase goods and services from one’s community and there’s dignity in being able to lend your neighbour the taxi fare to travel to work.
This is the ultimate impact that training can have in our communities and society as a whole,” she concluded.
The C3 team is made up of a young dynamic team who oversee training projects, programme development and the facilitation of skills programmes. The centre is also an accredited Decentralised Testing Centre for spray painting and auto body repair and enjoys great relationships with industry bodies and associations making it easier for them to place learners in body shops throughout the Free State and the country.
About C3
C3 Auto Body Repair Academy is a merSETA, NAMB, QCTO accredited Testing and Training Centre for the Auto Body Repair and Automotive Spray Painting Trades.
C3 is a black female business and BEE Level 2 contributor meaning that businesses that use its services or sponsor C3 training programmes will earn points for skills and development, enterprise supplier development or enterprise development.