BMW April 2022

Living with a disability is not easy – even the simplest, easiest things can become a challenge.
And it can be even more difficult with a loss of sense, like hearing. Now, imagine having to learn and study with a disability. Unfortunately, many deaf learners drop out of school due to a lack of support system to help them, However, luckily, there are ways how these children can secure jobs for themselves even without a high school certificate.
Working in the trade industry makes it possible for these learners to secure a future for
themselves, with the help of the IT-C. To work in the trade industry, you need to have a
minimum qualification of Grade 9 or at least 4 years’ working experience. The IT-C helps these learners by training them as general workers and then helping them secure work.
Business and companies in the trade industry like body shops will also benefit from helping
these individuals with training by qualifying for BEE. They can acquire a total of 12 points; 8 out of 20 for skills development and another 4 out of 20 for helping disabled individuals of colour.
The benefits of being BEE rated are endless. These include:
– Your clients will know that you are doing whatever it takes to stay ahead in your
business – that you mean business and that you are looking to them to support your
– By being rated, you will have a good overview of how you are performing with regard to
national requirements, how to plan and change in future to increase sustainability.
– By focusing on HR development, enterprise development and BEE, you will demonstrate
commitment towards the social, educational and economic developments in the
community in which you operate.
– Your staff will see what you are doing, which will boost their morale.
– Attempt to increase and develop your employees’ skills and potential development as
well as your BEE ratings enhance fair and progressive employment practices.
It is wonderful to see that even with disabilities, there are still solutions and opportunities for these individuals, thanks to the IT-C.