BMW April 2022

If  you are looking to make big savings in the paint shop area of consumable products, the new Luxor overspray masking foil is just the product to do just that.  Designed to replace all types of masking paper in everyday use, Foil is helping to reduce costs by approximately 60% say body shops already using the material.

The list of plus points is very impressive. Firstly, it is anti-static and fits in very well to process procedures in the priming and topcoat applications. Being solvent proof as well, the product is also re-useable and makes ideal car seat covers and floor covering material to arrest overspray, with the added feature of its crushability, another 50% is up for grabs on wastepaper disposal needs. It’s entirely non-flammable and the heat rating are around 140º.

The OEM approval comes from its ability to deliver zero dust and fibres. Infra-red drying and conventional spray booth express drying also works well.

The final big win is the way Foil can be pushed into corner areas and other difficult masking problematic tight fit applications. It all adds up to an ease-of-use and cost saving option for any preparation or finishing job that needs to be overcome in your body shop.

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