Spies Hecker

BASF Coatings Services together with BMW South Africa recently hosted the BMW ARC seminar at the Refinish Competence Centre (RCC) in Midrand to promote the FIT4Paint product portfolio.

The two companies have had a long-established cooperation in the refinishing sector with BASF supplying the ColorSystem range to the automotive giant. With the FIT4Paint portfolio, BASF offers an advanced and dynamic portfolio of paint related products which covers the entire paint and cosmetic repair process, including workplace safety and health protection, cleaning, abrasives, masking, paint preparation and polish.

“We will be facilitating training on how to use any of the products that the ARCs need assistance with,” explained Marius Nel, regional technical manager for BASF Coatings Services. “FIT4Paint builds on BASF’s well-established and reliable complaint management system. If a problem arises, it can be addressed to the local BASF Coatings Services representative who will address the issue with the respective Technical Service Centre,” adds Henk van Rensburg, BMW South Africa, ARC project manager.

A strong partnership offering many benefits

The ColorSystem and Fit4Paint portfolios for BMW repairs offer high-end cost-efficient products that are selected based on the recommendations from paint experts. Through a dedicated partner, BASF, a one-stop-shopping solution including all relevant brands is available. Competent advice and local service is carried out on-the-spot by BASF and through BASF, an effective integration into the existing ColorSystem service and training concept is easily incorporated.

“BMW body shops also utilise BASF Coatings’ services including training, body shop audits and computer-assisted colour management,” said Henk.

The BMW ARC managers also got an opportunity to explore the Refinish Competence Centre with the BASF RCC staff.

BASF is a trendsetting enterprise with its paint products and systems approved by car manufacturers. This is a crucial competitive advantage for body shops as OEM approval assures a higher standard of refinish work.