For the last five years, BASF have been hosting the Toyota Technical Education Programme Competition (Toyota T-Tep) at their RCC Training Centre in Midrand. The BASF team ensure tasks are completed daily and are part of the judging forum too. They get to expose the students to a “real-life” body shop scenario that shows each individual the opportunity for their future and helps sharpen their skills at the same time.

The learners are from technical schools that offer vehicle painting as part of their curriculum from across the country. They are in their final year with three to four years of experience. The students are judged on panel preparation, priming, sanding, painting of basecoat and clearcoats, as well as colour blindness. Health and safety as well as good house-keeping comes under scrutiny too.

The competition was for one day only and out of town contestants were flown up with their teachers to take part. This year there were six students that took part in the Toyota T-Tep.

Marius Nel, BASF Regional Technical Manager says, “As we are all aware, there is a huge shortage of spray painters in South Africa. If we don’t join hands as an industry to do something about it, then we will have huge difficulties in the future.”

BASF are always willing to partner with companies and other initiatives to develop skills for the future.