Avoiding Dust in Body Shops

Spies Hecker

One of the biggest or most annoying problems any body shop worker can encounter during an auto repair or a paint job is dust. Dust in your shop wastes your workers’ valuable time because it takes extra time and effort to clean, extract and remove the dust in order to complete the job. Wasted time, at the end of the day, directly affects your business’ revenue, because the time spent on the dust issue is valuable time lost completing a repair or paint job that generates income.

This can be a big issue for any auto body shop, but, have you ever considered how the dust affects the health of your workers? During a repair, sanding removes paint from surfaces in order to smooth the panels for repair. What happens to the microscopic pieces of paint, otherwise known as dust? They become airborne, and unfortunately, your workers then end up breathing in these particulars that can contain hazardous substances. These can consist of lead, chromium and abrasives from the sanding discs, and these substances are very harmful to the lungs and nervous system of your workers.

Your workers are exposed to harmful chemical and physical hazards and some of these substances are known to cause cancer and target the respiratory system, kidneys, liver, skin and eyes of your workers if the problem is not tended to.

Not only do you need to consider the health risks of dust on your staff, but you also need to remember that there may be other hazards when it comes to aluminium dust. Aluminium dust is combustible and is an explosion hazard. It is essential that extreme care is taken to capture and extract all the aluminium particulates in order to avoid a potentially devastating explosion in your workplace.

One of the best solutions to controlling the dust in your workspace is with an extraction system. Extraction systems control dust during sanding operations, preventing your workers from inhaling these particles. In addition to this, the extraction system also extracts fumes during welding operations. This leads to a cleaner office and working area and reduced health risks for your technicians.

Controlling the dust in your body shop is not a difficult task. However, it is a task not to be taken up lightly, considering the health hazards dust poses to your workers and business.