BMW April 2022

With global sales to body shop repairers in some world markets up by close to 70%, these repairers are also showing an improved CI rating of up to 9% in quality of the final repair and customer acceptance.  Along with this the ease of use coupled to the productivity of body repair, workman clearly show in real time systems measurements from virtually every angle of a body in repair.  

Autorobot has been one of the pathfinders in the new technology from Finland with the EzCalipre electronic measuring on the latest El+3. 

Autorobot EzCalipre electronic measuring system is the elite member of the range of measuring system lines. This total-vehicle measuring system is recommended for body shops interested in serving clients and insurance companies with printable, provable results. Measuring is based on the approximately 30 three-dimensional underbody reference points and 30 measuring points on the vehicle upper body. The best choice for shops desiring the highest level of repair quality and report: Autorobot EzCalipre is an investment in future technology and advanced technician know-how. This measuring system works with all Autorobot benches and adaptors. It also integrates with other straightening system brands. 

New methods to measure length and height based on a vertical angle are calculated in conjunction with an installed computer with WLAN connections between the tram gauge and the computer, and it uses an internationally available datasheet programme for all models, updates via the internet.  

The unit has rechargeable batteries with an operational back-up of some five hours and prints out from the computer linked to a printer. The unit is coming, complete with a roller cabinet, and laptop printer. It has an attractive price of R112 000 plus VAT and comes with a full warranty of one year. 

Training on the use of Autorobot EzCalipre is carried out on-site by Hurricane’s back-up technicians for the commissioning of the 3D measuring package. 

For more information contact Hurricane Equipment on +27 (0)10 597 7834.