Automotive Paint Centre, who are based in Prospecton, Durban, took a big knock when the main freeway flooded with rain water which Kwazulu-Natal experienced late last year.

Suleman Joosab from Automotive Paint Centre said that their computers and stock were floating around in about two metres of water inside the shop. It has taken some months for the company to overcome that catastrophe along with a lot of hard work.

Automotive Paint Centre however, have continued to expand despite the recent mishap and again have been able to post double digit sales growth for their major refinish system supplier, Yatu, from China. On a recent visit to South Africa, James Lin, the International Marketing and Sales for Yatu advanced materials, was upbeat about the sales boost that the company enjoyed last year.

James heads up the African market sales and he says that right from Turkey, Ghana to the surrounding countries in Namibia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, the brand is enjoying good import success.

Easicoat, easy life

Countless cars have been given a new lease on life since Easicoat entered the car refinish arena. Yatu held a series of expanded dealer conventions in South Africa to introduce some of the latest refinish products to their vehicle paint dealers, technicians and other team members.

A team of five flew to South Africa to meet and train over 40 key distributors who gathered at Mannering’s Training Centre. The team from Yatu comprised of: GM Mr KC Huang, International Business Vice GM Mr Ralph Shen, Regional Managers James Lin, Technical Manager Mr Yunjim Xie and Technical Manager Mr Jiemin Wen.

Lively demonstrations and detailed instructions made the attendants feel the high performance of the new system profoundly. This is the train-and-product service Yatu offers to all its customers whenever and wherever it is needed.

There is a saying from Nelson Mandela, “A leader is like a shepherd, he stays behind the flock. letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realising that all along they are being directed from behind,” Yatu believes that this is true and in the leadership role that Automotive Paints Centre have played in growing the Yatu brand locally.


Heading local, conquering global. Located in a small city in Guangdon China, Yatu developed from a small size factory to a large modern enterprise. Yatu have achieved a great leadership role in the automotive refinish industry nationwide at home and during the years of transformation, globally too.

World class quality

Every drop makes quality paint. Yatu lives up to their good reputation and brand image by delivering premium products to every customer. They focus on every detail and stick to every principle from research and development, raw materials purchased, manufacturing, testing and sample retaining.

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