What a start: some 8,000 participants followed the popular ‘Collision talk’ event online on 10 September, which took place as a live stream for the first time to kick off the Automechanika Frankfurt Sneak Preview. The first live workshops and online coaching sessions, which were primarily aimed at the owners and employees of workshops, were also in great demand. We managed to achieve a reach of over 100 000, and the films and workshops have already been viewed more than 25,000 times. This is even more proof of just how essential Automechanika Frankfurt’s digital training programmes are for our industry. We are also delighted that exhibitors have been making such extensive use of our virtual showcase – which now includes videos for the first time. Another worldwide event that we are planning under the Automechanika brand is an international online panel discussion entitled ‘Let’s talk business’ featuring leading suppliers from the automotive aftermarket. 

You can look forward to lots of digital training courses and other digital highlights as part of our Sneak Preview that will be running through November. We will be introducing you to these here today.

Up to and including November 2020 there will be more exciting live streams, digital workshops and video tutorials. On 19 October, for example, we will ask ourselves the following questions: Why do radar and camera-based driver assistance systems for trucks and buses need to be adjusted and calibrated? And how does this work best? The live workshop “Repair Painting and Finishing” on 21 October will once again deal with topics such as spot repair, damage assessment as well as finishing and polishing. And on 5 November another workshop will give “Insight into hydrogen and fuel cell technology using the example of a Toyota Mirai”. In addition we offer for English speaking participants the following videos and workshops with English subtitles which will be available soon: Brake technology by Continental: from hydraulic components to networked systems, Workshop of Carbon: ‘Accident damage repair’, body & paint, body dent removal techniques, Robert Bosch: Diagnostic access on vehicles with security gateway.

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