How Automakers are Becoming ‘Techies’

BMW April 2022

The generation of today is more technologically advanced than all of the generation before them, and this is proving to be a valuable skill that all companies need and look for before employing someone. In the auto-making industry, the same applies. More and more is expected from employees in today’s business space. Not only do you need to know everything about your particular skill set and qualifications, but you also need to have additional skills like tech skills in order to really thrive in your career. And this advancement in skills is allowing companies to expand and transcend their specific industries, like automakers entering the tech industry.


Auto companies are reinventing themselves to attract employees and workers with advanced skill sets that include IT, development, programming and coding. These skill sets allow the companies to advance and grow into the tech industry while still remaining the leaders in the auto industry. Some of the biggest auto companies in the world like VW, Audi and Mercedes are even changing the way they describe their business to become more on-trend and innovative. VW and Audi now describe their business as a ‘premium digital car company’, and  BMW has gone as far as rewriting its mission statement to be seen as a ‘tech company for premium mobility’.


This poses a challenge for individuals entering the motoring industry because they will need some tech skills to be considered for a job that they would have easily qualified for a few years ago. Is this reinvention of motoring companies an attempt to stay on-trend and ahead of the curve?

As times change and the world becomes more digital, so should companies in order to stay trendy, relevant and ahead of the competition. And the best way to do this is to change the business from the core – employing staff who understand tech and the need to innovate on every level. Motoring companies are going as far as setting up new head offices in trendy locations in order to attract top employees with top skills. They cannot expect these skilled individuals to go and work in remote towns at assembly plants. An integral part of reinventing the business to be more on-trend is to go where the people are.

This reinvention of the motor industry has been taking place at a rapid pace, and we are definitely seeing that in the products that are put out into the market.