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Raul Lima, from Automagic Centurion, says that sometimes it’s hard to imagine doing amazing growth in the collision repair business, but that it can be done. The company recently undertook a huge leap forwards in production output when they took on a major upgrade, only five years in from their original start-up. The old company was based on the Old Johannesburg road and they have moved into another new operation which can yield some 200 repaired cars per month.

The new shop design, shop layout and vehicle repair routing were developed in just a few months. The layout includes a pair of high air volume spray booths to meet the latest specifications for refinish spray painting. Along with these came a full six lane preparation repair bay, one of which is dedicated to plastic hang on parts repair. The mixing room sits nicely between the production spray booths.

The company chose R-M as their refinish system of choice as they continue to enjoy excellent service and back-up from the RSB team.

Raul is pleased with the ramp-up on production quality and delivery. “It takes most shops a few months to get to maximum output. We were a little slower than that, as we are less than 10 kilometres from the old shop. Many of our workers didn’t make the move to join us in the new operation so it was like starting all over again,” said Raul.

“Our total staff complement is back at 36 so we are now reaping the benefits of the major investment which we undertook to keep pace in the business for the next 10 years.

“Thousands of motorway travellers see us as they pass on the highway each day. This visibility has seen an increase in our walk-in customers who are looking for either major or minor cosmetic repairs.”

“We’re in great shape to handle any type of accident damage with a full vision that, if work volumes permit, we can drive our overall work repair rate to a top level of some 250 units per month. At this branch of Automagic, close to 70% of our repairs are made to smaller impact damage and it’s here that we’re pushing to make our customers crash damage repair as fast and painless as possible. They enjoy our quality but also want the repair delivered on time,” concluded Lima.