BMW April 2022

After over 50 years of refinish paint supply in Isipingo, Durban, last year’s unrest in KZN threw a curve ball at Automotive Colour Matching Centre (ACMC) when their successful business was burned to the ground after fireworks were thrown into the building resulting in a total loss.

Company owner Sanjeev Mohanlal says, “We certainly didn’t see that coming. The entire bulk warehouse went up in flames. The interruption for our body shop customers, DIYers and mostly uninsured car repair clients was severe to say the least. My father went into overdrive to negotiate with insurers on both the building damage and our short-term insurance to get the company back into business. Now just six months later, the pristine customer reception and shop shows no sight of the unfortunate incident.”

Sanjeev and Mac, his father, have had to burn the midnight oil to resurrect their former client base and overcome the severe damage caused by it all.

“We’re now back operating with our three former swift delivery vehicles across the Durban area,” says Sanjeev, “With a huge amount of assistance from the Valspar team, as well as our other suppliers, our revamped offer of both the popular DeBeer, Prospray, Spralac and the other ranges of refinish that we offer, have enabled the company to become very cost effective. The market in KZN has always been price conscious. 

“Colour is an important factor and DeBeer and Prospray offer just that. Spralac also has an exceptional product range that will cater for a large market spectrum. The colour matching section at Isipingo branch is mixing over 40 special colours a day. The accuracy of the first-time mixes are very impressive to say the least. Excellent technical back-up from Glen Draai, area manager, coastal South Africa, has helped us immensely over the last six months of rebuilding. 

“Thankfully at this time we are back enjoying great success supplying the best body shop efficiency possible from both of our retail business operations. Clients are happy to enjoy our one-stop approach. 

“We offer a full range of abrasives, polishing systems, and ancillaries to meet all the repairer needs in the KZN market. Each and every one of our sub-distributors survived so we have great representation for our products and the shops are now well stocked and ready to help repairers. Our ACMC North Coast road branch is the hub for premium brands like DeBeer and Standox and all panel shop installations are managed from this business. The Isipingo branch is more for the informal market trade and wholesale to retail outlets that carry our economy brands which is why brands like Prospray are performing very well as they offer great quality and savings.

“All I can say is that we are more determined now than ever to be better than we’ve ever been. Ready to be of service to the industry. All of our major suppliers have been very supportive during the six months while we rebuilt. It was the most trying time ever for us as a company. My staff, and even our competitors were very supportive. I take this opportunity to say a big thank you all!”

Call Automotive Colour Matching Centre on +27 (0)31 902 3030 at their Isipingo branch for more details on what they have to offer your body shop business.