BMW April 2022

When  Shaun Kilroe was given the opportunity to open his own distribution shop, he jumped at the chance. And so partnering with Peter Gilbert and Rob Kilroe, Auto City Paint and Panel opened its doors in January of this year and they have hit the ground running.

Shaun has over 25 years of experience to draw from. He has worked in the industry in Gauteng, the Orange Free State and for the past 15 years in KwaZulu-Natal. He has a team of 11 people and they service the areas of Pinetown, Durban, the south coast and Pietermaritzburg. They have every intention of covering the whole KZN region shortly.

The Octoral brand from Valspar is their coatings focus at Auto City Paint and Panel, along with their other ranges of parts and accessories that they supply the collision repair industry with. “The Octoral brand has exceeded all my expectations. I have worked with a few of the major brands over the years and Octoral has shown me it can compete with any of those products.

“Octoral has set its prices to give the customer value for money. We are competitive in the high end and medium range brands. As far as performance is concerned we compete with all other brands. We have come into the market to supply a good performing product that is priced correctly to the medium size panel shop who have entered the approval programme. We want to partner with them and help them grow,” concluded Shaun.

About Octoral

Octoral by Valspar is built upon European technology and delivers the ultimate in ease of application, coverage, and depth of imagery. With a full line of mixed-colour solvent selections, super-lustrous clearcoats, a premium waterbase solution (Octobase Eco Plus), and resilient primers, Octoral by Valspar is a superb choice for outstanding results with outstanding value.

They supply high-quality colour mixing systems, from water-borne basecoat and high-solid systems to the conventional basecoat and 2K Acrylate MS systems. The careful selection of pigments enables them to achieve optimum colour accuracy involving fewer colour components than comparable systems.