BMW April 2022

Dear colleagues, friends, Romans and countrymen… At long last it seems that the country is slowly returning to a normal temperature and the economy will hopefully soon start growing. 

In my previous article I mentioned the influence that the “Big Game Changer Covid-19,” had on our industry. I received information from a reliable source that already 100 body shops nationwide, have closed down. You only have to see how many people queue regularly at Mibco’s office to collect Provident Fund Money just to survive. 

In my article in March 2020 in Automotive Refinisher, I discussed the importance of the Skills Development Facilitator in the body shop. A Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSO) has to comply with all of the elements of B-BBEE for the purpose of measurement. The Skills Development element measures the extent to which employers carry out initiatives designed to develop the competencies of Black employees. 

This is where the SDF comes in to initiate learning programmes specified in the B-BBEE Learning Programme Matrix for black people.  

Please see Annexe 300(A) of the BBBEE Amended Codes published 09 March 2019: Learning Programme Matrix: 

Category D:  Apprenticeships; 

Category E:  Work Integrated Learning; 

Category F:  Informal Training (Occupationally directed) and 

Category G:  Informal Training (Work-based). 

If a company uses an outside firm to complete its Workplace Skills Plan, Annual Training Report and Pivotal Report to be approved by the Merseta, it is necessary for the Primary SDF (from the outside firm) and the Secondary SDF (from the company) to liaise to ensure “what the needs of the company are.”  They have to get clarity as to what should be reported in the ATR and which learning achievements (from the Learning Programme Matrix as prescribed in Statement 300), should be taken up in the WSP. 

Just to mention some Merseta Skills Programmes Clusters: 

Workplace Safety; 

Basic fire fighting; 

Basic first aid; 

Basic vehicle spray painter; 

Suspension fitter; 

Surface preparer and basic spray painting; 

Paintless dent removal and spot repair; 

Spray painting workshop assistant; 

Select, use and care for tools; 

Minor automotive dents repairer; 

General worker body repairing skills. 

For the background of the Skills Programmes Clusters the Mibco Grading System should now be the basis to plan Skills Development for general workers and body shop assistants and to decide if apprentices are needed in the workplace. Provision will also have to be made for the ARPL candidates who want to qualify in a trade. The Merseta or a Skills Development Provider for panelbeating and spraypainting may recommend Skills Sets that can add value to the workplace. 

Please make sure that in your Workplace Skills Plan for Year 2021, you have planned Skills Development for your employees that not only add value to the company, but is also crucial for the development of the people repairing the cars for the customers. 

Please feel free to contact me if you would like assistance with regards to skills development. My details are +27 (0)82 414 5557 or 

Groetnis, Oom Frik.