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The Arrow Trading Corporation have been celebrating three decades of service to the industry. This year’s activities were however brought to an abrupt halt when the all too familiar event of a burglary happened at the company headquarters.

The thieves made off with a hoard of office equipment and the mobile demonstration showroom for panelbeating equipment was destroyed. Jan Martin Pijl, principal member of Arrow Trading said that at the time it all happened, he had wondered, with all the internal damage, if it would be worthwhile to continue after a lifetime of buidling up the business? It was a serious blow at the time, but Jan is made of sterner stuff.

After going through all the insurance and police rigmarole, Jan has made the move to refit an all-new 315 Sprinter Panelvan to better than ever. It is packed to the brim with just about every conceivable piece of consumable equipment and sundry line any body repair shop could ever need. The van houses a special Swedish draw compartment full of air line connectors, spray guns, grinders and other new efficiency tools.

Arrow Trading have pioneered a very different business model by concentrating on the huge outlying repair collision market spread throughout the country. These are the body shops that are situated away from large metropolitan business centres. The new mobile showroom will add to this service.

Hendry Hendricks and Andrew Wilmans operate nationally for the Arrow Trading team, covering repairers in just about every “dorp” and town across the Republic.

You can call them on +27 (0)11 793 1251 or visit for more information about their extensive range.