BMW April 2022

Keeping pace with the inverter spot welding market is quite a business as one after another, motor makers set out new certification criteria to handle the ever changing metals that are part of the design of new vehicles today.

Arrow Trading have new solutions for collision repair centres who will be in the market to purchase the latest VAS 6530 14 000 Amp inverter which is a VW certified and approved spot welder.

Jan Martin Pyl says that among the many customers that deal with them, a great many operations don’t actually require a top end certified model welder, but there is a market opportunity to offer a good trade deal because they just want a professional answer to their resistance spot welding repairs.

Resistance Spot Welder Tecna VAS 6530

The Tecna VAS 6530 Resistance Spot Welder is recommended for general body repairs on vehicles with high and ultra high tensile strength steel panels, especially for workshops with critical mains power supply. The inverter technology in conjunction with adaptive smart control makes quality spot weld joints possible. Variation in joint structure is detected and compensated for if possible. If a weld is not possible, a text warning message will be issued by the unit. Operation is by touch screen via three different welding modes: manual, smart/automatic or manufacturer-specific programs. With a USB interface, new welding programs can be uploaded or recorded, welding results can be copied for further processing on a PC. The water-cooled C-transgun delivers equal electrode contact force with electrode arms up to 635mm in length.

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