BMW April 2022

2018 was a rewarding year for YATU with export growth reaching 30%. The completed product lines, supported with the state-of-the-art colour retrieval system created by YATU, have received strong acclaim and endorsement in the US and European markets.

YATU Group (HK) Co. Ltd was established in January 2019. Made famous by the support and convenience of its free trade, Hong Kong (HK) is an ideal place for every mainland enterprise. Setting up this Hong Kong based company was the brainchild of YATU to materialise their global marketing expansion strategy. Keeping in line with YATU’s marketing expansion strategy, the following companies are progressively being set-up – YATU Russia and YATU India – with estimated completion in the first quarter of 2019.

Meanwhile, in quarter two, YATU has an exciting new project kicking off – the production of their own branded putties and body-fillers and establishing two Filling Centre’s for this project in order to cover the European, Middle East and African markets. The new layout established in Latin America is also a key factor to delve deeply into this market and thus setting up a structured warehouse in Panama is a judicious tactic.

Infiltrating the European market proved challenging for YATU, however, they made a marvellous breakthrough in the second half of 2018. To date more than 15 clients from eight European countries had tried and tested YATU’s water-based and solvent-based product samples. With the test results having exceeded these client’s expectations, the YATU Export Team are currently processing their official orders, having just returned from their Chinese Spring Festival holidays.

With YATU’s dedicated Team, Global partners and their continued efforts for global expansion, YATU have every confidence of reaching export growth exceeding 7 million US dollars in 2019.