BMW April 2022

Since the launch of Anest-Iwata in 2014 into the South African market, Neil Butterworth, and his hard working team have made successful in-roads into the local coatings industry arena.

From the early start of offering excellent quality spray guns and a few other line items, they have now become a one-stop shop and solutions provider to the market with their extensive range.

Anest-Iwata can meet a wide range of application needs with its state-of-the-art technology. They have a variety of specific spray guns, pressure tank pumps and system equipment, including automatic and electrostatic systems.

They work closely with all the major paint manufacturers in order to design the best possible application solutions for the modern generation paints, using the latest air cap and nozzle technology manufacturing.

Anest-Iwata offer coatings solutions to various industries. They supply the automotive OEM industry, the likes of Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Aston Martin and Lotus to name but a few. Tier 1 companies supplying OEM car plants use the Anest-Iwata robotic and automatic systems too.

The automotive refinisher industry uses their patent designed Pre-Atomised technology and the release agent coating industry uses their specially designed TOF-spray guns.

The food and beverage industry use their custom designed automatic spraying systems and the fine art and make-up markets use renowned air-brushes for delicate work.

Health and safety is also covered with their various options on masks, overalls and much more.

Anest-Iwata are also at the forefront of energy saving systems and have a comprehensive range of oil-free booster compressors which deliver major energy savings by delivering the compressed air only at the point of use when needed.

For more information on the Anest-Iwata range call them on +27 (0)11 463 2169 or Neil on 084 703 5926.

In Cape Town, contact Chris Oxton on 073 103 0770, or Craig Wright in KZN on 072 145 8303.