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Marshlan Pather has opened The Paint Box in Prospecton, Durban. He is already a specialist car refinish supplier of General Paints and saw the addition of the Anest-Iwata range as the next logical stepping stone in his service offer.

“We’re now able to offer spray guns for clear, colour, primer and touch-up work that body refinishers need.” he said. “Their quality design and performance go hand-in-hand with achieving a qualilty repair right first time round.”

“The latest waterborne GEn20 mixing toners as well as the comprehensive Genroc solvent borne range is readily available from the store too.” concluded Marshlan. They also offer other consumables such as abrasives, tapes as well as a colour matching service on the premises.

Contact The Paint Box on +27 (0)31 913 0600 for more information.

Tunzi Automotive Supplies

Tunzi Automotive Supplies have, for two decades, been  the go-to company for professional brands of spray equipment. They have now taken on the full range of Anest-Iwata spray equipment: guns, pressure pots and clean air breathing spray masks.

Company spokesman for Tunzi Automotive Supplies, Mark Weatherall says that they have a very large industrial truck and bus set of customers as well as major industrial and various types of manufacturers very interested in their new offer.

The line-up includes some exceptionally well priced Air Gunsa spray guns that in their tests have delivered very good durability in everyday use. Seeing how price sensitive some of our clients are this line-up from Anest-Iwata will complement our stable for future refinishing sales.

You can reach Tunzi Automotive Supplies on                          +27 (0)31 205 2246 or visit www.tunzi.co.za