Double Diaphragm Paint Pumps are compact and stylishly designed. They are the perfect choice for the delivery of fluid media (solvent and water-based paints) to the supply of manual and automatic spray guns. The DPS90N stainless steel diaphragm pump unit is designed for production application environments. It features stainless steel fluid passages for a wide range of applications.

The pump unit is available in four different configurations:

*Stand mount
*Pail mount
*Cart mount
*Wall mount

The DPS90N delivers constant fluid output. Diaphragm movement is minimal, reducing material supply pulsation and minimising pump wear.

The pump unit may be used with air spray guns or HVLP spray guns in situations where continuous material supply is required

The reliable pump motor combined with the Double Spool air circuit promises an excellent finish.

Stainless steel fluid passages

The fluid passages of this pump and the fluid regulator are made of stainless steel and are ideal for applications requiring waterborne or solvent borne materials.

Easy handling and installation

Weighing under 18 kilograms, the DPS90N is easily installed. Connect the air supply, spray gun and hoses and it is ready to use.

Easy maintenance

The fewer number of moving parts and simple construction assures easy maintenance. It is also very easy to rinse quickly and to do a colour change.

The pneumatic control system prevents the forced stoppage of the pump. Dead storage material channels and easily collapsible pump structure facilitate cleaning, inspection and maintenance.

There is a wide range of Diaphragm pumps available for various applications – from 0,6 to 30 litres a minute. It is offered in three different materials – polished aluminium, anodised aluminium and stainless steel. The double spool air operating valve ensure pump movement too.

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