Amedeo Vitale was born in Tunisia in 1955.  He fled two revolutions in Tunisia and then Libya before returning to Italy. He came to South Africa alone in 1974 at the age of 19, speaking little English. He taught himself how to speak with his collection of records and a pocket dictionary. He was passionate about music, food and cars.

In 1986, together with his father Guiseppe, he blindly bought Inter panelbeaters. He quickly learnt how challenging the industry was and set himself to work, learning about vehicle repair, building relationships with the broader industry and establishing a loyal customer base. Within SAMBRA, he found a group of people who shared a vision of a better industry and within a matter of years had set about establishing standards for body repair. He held various executive positions within Sambra on both regional and National levels including that of National Chair.

He believed hugely in car safety. Member shops were encouraged to embrace the dawn of a new era in motor vehicle technologies. By the end of the Millenium, South African body hops were setting the standard in collision repair experience. He was greatly respected within the insurance industry. He was recognised as a problem solver and was regularly tasked by both sides of the Insurer repairer relationship to find workable programmes which could benefit both sides.

In 1998 his panelshop was granted the approval to repair Mercedes-Benz and in the same year he joined Supergroup. After 15 years with the Bluespec group he joined his great friend Deon Smith in Pretoria.

Amedeo was loved by those who worked for him. His leadership style is best described as a motivator, something that can only be done if you listen to and understand what drives people and what holds them back. Those that worked with him often discovered that they were capable of more than their own perceived potential.

He was later instrumental in the formation of the CRA and CRC. He was a bit of a revolutionary. Where he saw things were not working, he fought hard for change.