BMW April 2022

It’s taken over three years of painstaking work and development to this new compressed air burner that uses used engine oil as a primary source of heat transfer instead of diesel or LPG to generate heat.

“The burner is now commercially available,” says Andre Froneman, “and used engine oil is widely available commercially – in some cases, directly from garage workshops that carry out business in service and repair of automotive engines. The cost of used engine oil is substantially lower than other fuels in general use.”

The product is easy to maintain and requires very little looking after. Maintenance can be done by the repair shop staff and parts are available to the repair shop directly. No maintenance contract is required, making it suitable for use in remotely located areas. Compressed air is used to atomise the mixture resulting in a clean burning flame and no nozzle maintenance. The burner can be used for various applications such as water heating, baking ovens, wash bay’s, showers, etc. Substantial electricity and fuel savings are possible. (The theft risk is much lower compared to diesel fuel.)

The Alt Heat Series of oil burners are a compact design package-type burner specifically designed to burn used oil without having to process the fuel.

“Straight out of the bottom of the tractor”.

Built tough to withstand African conditions. The unique Venturi effect used by the burner allows for fuels that would otherwise block normal burner nozzles to flow easily through this burner. The flame is also fully adjustable to allow for maximum power, or just allowing the burner to ‘idle’ while maintaining the heat.

The Alt-Heat Series of burners are fully equipped with safety features that fail to safe mode. This means that in the event of a malfunction, the burner shuts down to safe mode, thus preventing any potential damage.

Types of Oils that can be used: Engine oil, gearbox oil, diff oil, hydraulic oil, vegetable oils, CTF(creosote), diesel and paraffin.

Contact Andre Froneman on or call him on +27(0)72 463 9570 or ALT Heating Solutions on +27 (0) 83 305 3878.